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After many years of cobbling together my web galleries through a combination of hand coding and a number of different HTML gallery generators (and getting progressively farther behind in keeping them updated), I have transitioned to a new site hosted by Zenfolio. The new site will be much easier to update and expand – the new Penguins Gallery is an example of a gallery I have been hoping to create for years, but the activation energy for coding it was too high.

New Web Store

The site has significantly enhanced e-commerce capabilities – you can order high-quality prints of any photo in the galleries and have it printed and shipped to you directly by Mpix photo labs. These prints are lower cost than the hand-printed exhibition prints I previously offered (and which are still available for select images). You can also create your own custom photo note card sets rather than being restricted to the fixed sets I offered previously.

Site Status

The new site is “live” and linked in to my home page. I am still in the process of transferring older images and galleries to the new site. This may take some time to complete and I may not transfer over all of the older images. However, the old, “legacy” galleries will still be available through the “Legacy Galleries” link on the home page or on the bottom of each page in the new site.

I welcome any constructive comments, criticisms, or questions about the new web site.


Direct Link to the New Site:

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Scott Hein

About Scott Hein

Scott Hein is a freelance nature photographer whose passion is photographing the native plants, wildlife, and landscapes of the American West. Although his explorations have taken him from Alaska to Antarctica, the wild lands and parks surrounding Mount Diablo near his home in Northern California remain his favorite photo locations.
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