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After many years of cobbling together my web galleries through a combination of hand coding and a number of different HTML gallery generators (and getting progressively farther behind in keeping them updated), I have transitioned to a new site hosted by Zenfolio. The new site will be much easier to update and expand - the new Penguins Gallery is an example of a gallery I have been hoping to create for years, but the activation energy for coding it was too high.

New Web Store

The site has significantly enhanced e-commerce capabilities - you can order high-quality prints of any photo in the galleries and have it printed and shipped to you directly by Mpix photo labs. These prints are lower cost than the hand-printed exhibition prints I previously offered (and which are still available for select images). You can also create your own custom photo note card sets rather than being restricted to the fixed sets I offered previously.

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The new site is "live" and linked in to my home page. I am still in the process of transferring older images and galleries to the new site. This may take some time to complete and I may not transfer over all of the older images. However, the old, "legacy" galleries will still be available through the "Legacy Galleries" link on the home page or on the bottom of each page in the new site. I welcome any constructive comments, criticisms, or questions about the new web site.

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I welcome any constructive comments, criticisms, or questions about the new web site.

Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks

Whisker Brush

Kaweah River

Giant Sequoias

July is the time to visit the Sierra Nevada mountains so we gathered with friends, endured the holiday traffic, and landed in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. We were treated to fantastic flowers, spectacular landscapes, beautiful birds, and of course, BIG trees.


The Republic of Panama

Blue Morpho

Bay-headed Tanager

White Hawk

We made our first-ever trip to Central America in June, visiting friends in the Repuplic of Panama. Many of the photos in the linked gallery were taken in Los Altos de Cerro Azul, which is located in the mountains outside of Panama City. However, we were also able to spend several hours exploring the famous Camino del Oleoducto (Pipeline Road) and Panama Rainforest Discovery Center in the lowlands near the Panama Canal. We were only able to spend a week on this trip - we are already trying to figure out when we will be able to return.

A few links:

  • Petrels in Panama - Cindy and Les Lieurance's blog documenting their move to Panama and the amazing birds and wildlife they encounter.

  • Neotropical Butterflies - features butterflies from Mexico through Central America to Amazonia, Argentina, and Chile.

  • The Ginger House - A very nice guest house in in Los Altos de Cerro Azul. The owner/proprietor, Picasso, is also a talented chef.

The Many Faces of Mount Diablo

A gallery of my favorite landscape images
aken of, on, and from Mount Diablo


I have been meaning to put together a gallery of my personal favorite Mount Diablo landscape images for several years and have finally gotten around to it. If you click on a thumbnail in the gallery/index page, a large version of the image will be displayed along with the image title at the top and a more detailed description at the bottom. Many of these images are framed and on display at the Save Mount Diablo offices in Walnut Creek, California:

Save Mount Diablo
1901 Olympic Blvd, Suite 220
Walnut Creek CA 94596
(925) 947-3535


Photo Gallery of the Concord Naval Weapons Station


I have been intimately involved in reuse planning for the 5100-acre Concord Naval Weapons Station. As a result, I have had the opportunity to photograph the base from many different places - from the air, from the ground, from the perimeter, and from the ridges of the Los Medanos Hills above. I have uploaded a gallery with a small sampling of those images:

Concord Naval Weapons Station Photo Gallery

If you have an interest in learning more about the Concord Naval Weapons Station you should also check out the following resources:

Behind The Barbed Wire - John Keibel's book on the history of the base

Worth the Wait - The Improbable Transformation of the Concord Naval Weapons Station - An excellent article by John Hart in Bay Nature Magazine

Concord Community Reuse Project - The City of Concord's web site dedicated to reuse planning for the Concord Naval Weapons Station

Save Mount Diablo's CNWS Web Page - includes links to additional sources of information and other resources

The East Bay Regional Park District's proposal for a great urban park at the Concord Naval Weapons Station



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2010 Hein Natural History Photography Calendar

The 2010 Hein Natural History calendar is finished! It includes images from Florida, The Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and as always many images from California and the wild lands around Mount Diablo.

2010 Hein Natural History Photography Calendar


2009 Hein Natural History Photography Calendar

Each fall I create a unique limited-edition calendar containing some of my favorite images captured during the past year.  I try to include a mixture of landscapes, plants, and animals, and also try to match the image with the season as best I can.  The calendar is printed single-sided on 8.5x11" cover stock and is spiral bound at the top.  I only print a small number of these unique calendars.

2009 Hein Natural History Photography Calendar


Pelagic Trip to the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctiary

I have added a gallery from a recent pelagic trip we made to the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary:

Cordell Bank Gallery

My Blog also contains an entry on pelagic trips to the Cordell Bank and on pelagic bird photography:

Pelagic Birding Trips to the Cordell Bank

Launching the Heinpoto Blog...

I have launched a blog to supplement this web site.  The blog will contain additional photos and other content that may not fit with the natural history image galleries on this site.  The blog is much easier to update, so it will likely contain more current content (and I will make sure to announce any new additions to the main web site on the blog).  I will continue to use the Heinphoto web site for my nature, wildlife, and landscape image galleries.

June 2008 - Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

In early June we headed east on a quest to experience the beauty of the forests, coasts, and mountains of the Northeast in Spring, while at the same time accomplishing one of Claudia's life goals.  We spent ten days on a Wings Birding Tours trip to Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Follow any of the links below to visit the trip gallery to see how we did:
Trip Gallery

Claudia in Vermont

Atlantic Puffin on
Machias Seal Island

Cinnamon Fern on
Mount Desert Island

December 2007 - Images of Trinidad and Tobago

We spent the 2007 holidays acquainting ourselves with the amazing wildlife, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people of Trinidad and Tobago.  The links below will lead you to galleries from each of these unique Caribbean islands.
Images of Trinidad

Green Honeycreeper
Asa Wright Nature Centre

Images of Tobago

Blue-crowned Motmot
Cuffie River Nature Retreat

Diablo Magazine Threads of Hope Award

I received one of Diablo Magazine's 2007 Threads of Hope Awards in December.  The award is for my volunteer contributions (many of which are photo related) to Save Mount Diablo, a local land trust and conservation organization.  The award is a great honor for both me and for SMD.  If you are interested, you can read about all five of this year's winners on the Diablo Magazine web site.

The Subantarctic Islands of New Zealand and Australia

During December of 2005, we spent 18 days aboard the "Spirit of Enderby", a small Russian polar research ship, on a Wings Birding Tours and Heritage Expeditions trip led by Steve Howell and other outstanding naturalists. The purpose of the trip was to study and photograph seabirds and marine mammals on and around several unique and beautiful subantarctic islands located on the Southern Ocean near New Zealand and Australia.

We visited Snares, Enderby, Auckland, Macquarie (Australia), Antipodes, Bounty, Campbell, and Chatham Islands on a 2382 nautical mile loop that started and ended in the city of Dunedin on the South Island of New Zealand.  Click on any of the images below to view galleries of photos from each of these unique and beautiful islands:

Chatham (Shy) Albatross
The Chatham Islands

Yellow-eyed Penguin
Enderby Island

White-headed Petrels
The Southern Ocean

The Many Faces of Mount Diablo Photo Exhibit

December 2005 Update:  The exhibit at the Pacific Bay Coffee Company has finished.  However most of the images in the exhibit have been moved to Save Mount Diablo's new offices, where you are welcome to visit and view them:

Save Mount Diablo
1901 Olympic Blvd., Suite 220
Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Snow on North Peak

During the month of November I will be exhibiting some of my photographs at the Pacific Bay Coffee Company in Walnut Creek. Most of the photographs will be from around Mount Diablo, however I may slip in a few photos from some of my other favorite places. Many of the photos will be available for purchase. There will also be a "Greet the Artist" event on Sunday, November 13th from 2-4 pm.  Details Below:

Here is a link to an article on me and the exhibit in in the Walnut Creek Journal - the story also appeared in the Concord Transcript, and the Contra Costa Sun:
Photographer has eye for mountain

The Many Faces of Mount Diablo
 The Photography of Scott Hein

Exhibit Location:  Pacific Bay Coffee Company
1495 Newell Ave.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
(Corner of Newell and South Main St.)

Exhibit Date: November 2 - 31
Hours: Mon-Sat 6am - 7pm, Sun 7am - 5pm

Greet the Artist Event: Sun. Nov. 13, 2-4 pm With live blues & ragtime music from The Real Placebos

Spring and Summer 2005 Update

Checker Lily

It has been a busy Spring and Summer with much work on and around Mount Diablo.  It was one of the best Springs in recent memory for wildflowers, culminating in the rediscovery of the Mount Diablo Buckwheat (see below).  We were also able to sneak away for trips to the Mojave desert in late Spring, and to the Sierra (Alpine County) in early Summer.  Check out the updated recent work page for a summary of images from this Spring and Summer

Saving Mount Diablo

Hikers above Donner Canyon

Bumblebee Moth

Diablo Sunflower

The August 2005 issue of Diablo Magazine contains an 8-page story by Hannah Craddick entitled Saving Mount Diablo.  The story highlights some of the key places on and around Mount Diablo that have been preserved over the past 30+ years through the efforts of Save Mount Diablo.  The printed piece also includes a large number of my photographs.

The Mount Diablo Buckwheat Rediscovered!

On May 20th 2005, I was asked by Seth Adams, Save Mount Diablo's Director of Land Programs, to join a small group of biologists and reporters to photograph a plant that hadn't been seen for 69 years:  Eriogonum truncatum, the Mount Diablo Buckwheat.

In most modern botanical references, Eriogonum truncatum is listed as "presumed extinct".  The last documented  observation of this plant had been  in 1936 by Dr. Mary Bowerman, one of SMDs founders, and the author of "The Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California" (originally published in 1944, and revised in 2002 with Barbara Ertter, Curator of Western North American Flora at U.C. Berkeley's Jepson Herbarium).

However, on May 10th, 2005, a small population of about 20 plants was  rediscovered  by University of California botanist Michael Park during a routine plant survey in a remote section of Mount Diablo State Park.  The location of the discovery is being kept secret until a long-term management/recovery plan can be developed.  However, the location is on land that was preserved by Save Mount Diablo.

I was told that the hike to the location of the discovery would be long, hot, steep, and rugged.  As a result, I left my tripod and other equipment in the car, and took only my camera and two lenses - my favorite macro lens to photograph the plant, and a wide-angle zoom lens to photograph the habitat and the people.  Consequently, all of my images were taken hand held with available light.

After publication of the initial exclusive story by Contra Costa Times reporter Mike Taugher (with photos by Times photographer, Cindi Christie), the news spread rapidly.  When the Associated Press picked up the story (and my photographs), the news went worldwide.  More information abut the discovery, and links to a few of the news outlets that used my photographs can be found below.

Save Mount Diablo Press Release Mt. Diablo Buckwheat rediscovered

San Francisco Chronicle: Flower species thought extinct found blooming on Mt. Diablo Grad student spots type of buckwheat last seen in 1936

National Public Radio: Wildflower Thought Extinct Rediscovered in Calif.

CNN: Wildflower feared extinct rediscovered

ABC News: Wildflower Feared Extinct Found in Calif.

8 May 2005

Hiking the Diablo Trail

I have added  a trip gallery for Save Mount Diablo's 2005 Four Days Diablo Hiking Trip.

A San Francisco Chronicle article on this trip written by reporter Carl Nolte, included one of my images:  Scratching the surface of Diablo/Four-day hike on 'island of wilderness in a metropolis'

30 January 2005

After receiving many requests, I have opened a web store to allow the on-line purchase of photo gift cards, limited-edition calendars, and fine art prints - check it out.

26 September 2004

Catching up on a summer's worth of shooting with trips to Alaska in June and Yuba Pass in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains in July.  The "Recent Work" page includes some nice images of sleek Northern Rightwhale Dolphins and Pacific White-sided Dolphins from a pelagic trip to the Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary.
California Red-sided

Garter Snake

9 May 2004

Save Mount Diablo's Four Days Diablo hiking/backpacking trip starts in Walnut Creek and ends four days and almost 40 miles later near Brentwood.  In between, the Diablo Trail passes through six parks, while only crossing two public roads.  The Diablo Trail is a testament to the hard work done over last 30+ years to expand and protect the open space and habitat around Mount Diablo.
Sunset on the Daiblo Trail

24 April 2004

Ash Meadows Amorgosa Pupfish
(Cyprinodon nevadensis mionectes)

Spring is a great time to visit the desert, so we headed south for Death Valley.  A thunderstorm chased us from the Panamint Mountains all the way into Furnace Creek.  We spent the next 3 days exploring Death Valley and the surrounding desert hoping to find migrant birds, spring wildflowers, and any reptiles or amphibians who might choose to reveal themselves to us.  Little did we know that the Desert Pupfish would become the star of our trip.  From Salt Creek in Death Valley to Saratoga Springs and Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, we "discovered" the pupfish and the unique desert springs they inhabit.

22 February 2004

Rough-skinned Newt

(Taricha granulosa)

Audubon Canyon Ranch is a wildlife sanctuary located on the Shore of Bolinas Lagoon in Marin County, California.  Each Spring hundreds of pairs of Great Blue Herons and Great and Snowy Egrets return to the large rookery in Picher Canyon to nest in the tops of Coast Redwood trees.  However, in mid-February things are still quiet in the rookery, and you can take time to appreciate some of the other inhabitants of this beautiful canyon.  The winter rainy season is the time to search for salamanders and on this particular day we were rewarded with Rough-skinned and California Newts, California Slender Salamanders (both red and gray morphs), Ensatinas, and the magnificent California Giant Salamander - in this case the aquatic larval form.  Images of these amphibians can be viewed on the "Recent Work" page along with some early Star Lilies  (Zigadenes) and beautiful little Red Hygrophorus Mushrooms, which were poking their caps up through the redwood litter on the floor of Picher Canyon.

21 September 2003

It has been a long time since the last general update of this site.  During that time, I have developed a custom script for my image management database that will allow me to generate new gallery pages much more easily.  Along with that capability, I have changed the look and feel of the gallery pages. 

Check out the "Recent Work" page for a few of the images that have been added since the last update.

Western Whiptail

10 January 2003

Public Slide Show:  We will be presenting a program on our trip to Antarctica at the Mt. Diablo Audubon Society meeting on Thursday, February 6th in Walnut Creek California.  Our presentation begins at 8:05 PM.  Click the following links for directions and the program description.

Chinstrap Penguin on Nest

26 December 2002

King Penguins on South Georgia Island
During November and December, we spent 19 days aboard the Russian vessel, Grigoriy Mikheev, on a Wings/Oceanwide Expeditions trip exploring the Southern Oceans and Antarctic Peninsula.  I have created a preliminary set of galleries to share some of the images from this amazing  trip.  Please stay tuned, since I am planning to add more detail to the galleries, and more information about the trip in the coming weeks.

13 October 2002

The first two weeks of October are magical in the Eastern Sierra.  Aspens that grow along the creeks and canyons draining the Eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada glow with the yellow, orange, and red colors of fall.  I have added a trip gallery of landscape images taken from Lee Vining Canyon, Lundy Canyon, Conway Summit, and the June Lake Loop in the Mono Basin, as well as  the South Fork of Bishop Creek in Bishop Canyon.

Lee Vining Canyon

25 August 2002

Even though it still feels like summer, we know that fall has arrived with the south-bound shorebird migration.  Monterey Bay is a great spot to witness this migration.  From the mouth of the Carmel River and the Pacific Grove coastline, to Elkhorn Slough and the Moonglow Dairy near Moss Landing, you can usually find some excellent shorebird habitat.  I managed to capture a few good shorebird images during a recent visit with friends to Monterey County.

Red-necked Phalarope

Crested Caracara

When we visit Monterey, we usually check out the open grasslands just north of the town of Marina.  During the late fall and winter this area is great for raptors.  Although we we were a bit early for winter raptors to be expected, we decided to check this place out anyway.  To our great surprise, we discovered a Crested Caracara perched on a fence post.  In the United States, Crested Caracaras are typically only found in Florida and along the Texas/Arizona border with Mexico.  There has never been an accepted record for California.  

When you find an out-of range raptor like this one, a question that usually arises is whether the bird is wild, or has escaped from a falconer or other private collection.  Unfortunately, unless there are obvious physical signs, it is usually difficult or impossible to determine the origin definitively.  This bird didn't show any obvious signs of captivity, so we just enjoyed (and photographed) it.  My only other encounter with this species was through the heat waves of August and a cyclone fence at the Sells dump in South-central Arizona.  Needless to say, this was a much more pleasant experience!

Crested Caracara

White Mountain Peak

We visited Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra over the Fourth of July (including a pass through Yosemite National Park and a trip to the White Mountains) .  This has to be one of the most "photogenic" trips that one can make in California.  It also encompasses a wide range of habitats:  from high alpine at Tioga Pass and the White Mountains to the Great Basin desert in between, so there are many excellent  opportunities for "naturizing".  I created a special gallery in order to deal with the large number of the images from this trip.

Finally, I have added a number of "miscellaneous" images from other trips and events that have happened this summer.  Highlights include an image of a Black Skimmer from the Martinez Regional Shoreline (an unusual sighting for this part of California), and a great sunset image from Mt. Diablo State park taken on the hottest day of the year (so far).  My personal favorite though is my first-ever encounter with a Bumblebee Moth, which is a bee mimic that is related to sphinx/hummingbird moths.

Barbecue Terrace Sunset

30 June 2002

20 June 2002

  • I have moved to it's own web server, and have made a number of enhancements to the web site including adding a Search Page.
  • I have created a new set of galleries to share preliminary photos from an event or trip.  The images are unedited, and most of them will never appear in the Natural History Gallery.  However, I needed a place to be able to share photos from a trip with friends and clients quickly.

12 May 2002

6 May 2002

  • This has been a great Spring in Northern California, with excellent wildflower displays and the green, green hills.  In addition to visiting  favorite locations like Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, I was fortunate to be able to hike along on one day of Save Mount Diablo's 4-Day Diablo Trail Backpacking trip.  The Diablo Trail starts in Walnut Creek and ends 30 miles later at the Round Valley Regional Preserve staging area.  In between it passes through 6 different parks and open space, while crossing only  two roads.  The Diablo Trail highlights 30 years of land preservation efforts by Save Mount Diablo.

  • Spring is the time of the year to visit the desert.  In April we managed to take trips to both Southeast Arizona and California's Mojave Desert.  One of the highlights of our trip to Arizona was encountering large numbers of Ramsey Canyon Leopard Frogs, in several ponds at Beatty's Miller Canyon Guest Ranch in the Huachuca Mountains.  These  frogs were only "discovered" in the late 1980s, and are considered to be the rarest North American frog species.  The Beatty's have done an amazing job of providing habitat for these threatened amphibians.  The Beatty's Orchard/Ranch is also arguably the best place in the US to watch hummingbirds.

  • The Mojave Desert is probably quite an obstacle for migrating songbirds to cross on their spring migration.  Water is scarce, and oases like Butterbredt Spring and Galileo Hill stick out like sore/green thumbs.  As dawn breaks at Butterbredt, western migrants like the Wilson's Warbler descend in large numbers to take advantage of the water, cover, and food that the oasis provides.  Not far to the East, the lawn at the Silver Saddle Ranch and Galileo Hill is often covered with multicolored songbirds like Western Tanagers, Hooded Orioles, Wilson's and Yellow Warblers, and Lazuli Buntings.  Desert wetlands like the Piute Ponds on Edwards Air Force Base, provide critical habitat for both nesting and migrating shorebirds and waterfowl.

13 March 2002

  • Springtime in the East Bay Hills of Contra Costa County, California can be quite spectacular.  I have added a few new images of local open space landscapes, including one image that shows the boundary of the Higgins property with Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.  This remote and wild corner of the park will have houses backing up to the fence line shown in this image if the city of Antioch follows through on development plans for Future Urban Area #1.  Please support Save Mount Diablo in their efforts to preserve open space in rapidly growing Contra Costa County.
  • I have also caught up on a few older images of an unusual Orca, a young Raccoon, and one of the treats of a fall hike on Mt. Diablo - the Tarantula!

3 February 2002

  • I have added images of one uncommon and several common winter birds on the Northern California coast to the Gallery.
  • We will be presenting a program on our trip to the Galapagos Islands at the February 7th Mt. Diablo Audubon Society Meeting in Walnut Creek, California.

8 December 2001

  • Several images in this update are from a Thanksgiving trip to Morro Bay and the Carizzo Plain National Monument.
  • My image of Snow on North Peak was chosen by Save Mount Diablo for the cover of the invitation to their 30th Anniversary celebration that will be held on December 10th.  Congratulations to Save Mount Diablo for 30 years of protecting habitat and open space in the San Francisco Bay Area.

3 September 2001

  • Save Mount Diablo and the East Bay Regional Park District have recently announced several new land acquisitions in the eastern part of Contra Costa County.  We provided Save Mount Diablo with photographs from the Gim/Clyma  and Elworthy-Highland Ridge properties, which will be added to Morgan Territory Regional Preserve, and the Brown property, which will be land-banked as part of Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.
  • On April 28th 2001, Save Mount Diablo and the East Bay Regional Park District celebrated the acquisition of Clayton Ranch.  This spectacular property has outstanding views of Mount Diablo's North Peak and will be land-banked as part of Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.
  • The endangered California Red-legged Frog (Rana aurora draytonii) is one of the many species of wildlife that has benefited from the great work of Save Mount Diablo.  Please consider supporting this very effective conservation organization.
  • Also in this update are some new wildlife images from the Pt. Reyes National Seashore and from a pelagic birding trip to the Cordell Bank from Bodega Bay, California.

22 July 2001

  • The Galapagos Islands are a nature lover's and nature photographer's dream.  We were fortunate enough to be able to visit this amazing place on a Field Guides tour during late June and early July,  I have created a rather large gallery of images from this trip.  Please consider supporting the Charles Darwin Foundation to help preserve and protect this wonderful place.

23 June 2001

  • Spring trips to Trinity, Siskiyou, and Modoc Counties in California, and Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, produced many of the images in this update (see the "Recent Work" page).  Malheur has been on our list of "must visit" places for many years, and it didn't disappoint.  In addition to nesting Franklin's Gulls and Black Terns, we had many pleasant surprises like this Western Screech Owl.
  • An outrageous reptile hunt at a friend's house in Oregon produced the Gopher Snake and Red-spotted Garter Snake images.  Under one piece of corrugated tin we found 2 Rubber Boas, 1 Red-spotted garter Snake, 1 Gopher Snake, and a Northern Alligator Lizard!

15 March 2001

  • Gray Jays are not common anywhere in California.  One of the more reliable places to find them is Van Damme State Park in Mendocino County, which is where we were fortunate enough to capture this image.
  • Sometimes photographic opportunities arise in your own backyard.  These images of a White-throated Sparrow and Cedar Waxwing were taken in our backyard during a weekend spent at home.

17 February 2001

  • Mount Diablo is a 3800-ft mountain that dominates our local skyline.  A few times each winter, cold storms cover the mountain in a few inches of snow.  I have added an image of the North Peak of Mt. Diablo taken as a recent storm was clearing.  I have also added several images taken on and around Mount Diablo to our "special places" gallery.

15 January 2001

  • Added an image of a Ferruginous Hawk that has been perching on a conifer behind our  neighbor's house.

8 January 2001

  • Several  images taken over the holidays including trips to Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge in Florida and Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in California.  The highlight of these trips was a fierce Northern Pygmy-owl near Putah Creek in Yolo County, California.

16 November 2000

29 October 2000

24 October 2000

  • New "fall color" landscape images from Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra.  I have also continued adding older images to several galleries.

4 September 2000

  • I am slowly working through my catalog of existing images and have added a number of them to the gallery.  I also added a few new links to the links page and added a Table of Contents page to help visitors locate a particular image quickly.

30 August 2000

  • The initial launch of this web site.
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