Mount Diablo Image Gallery

This is a legacy gallery of Hein Natural History Photography
To view the current gallery please visit:

Snow on North Peak

Mt. Diablo Fairy Lanterns

Wind Poppy

Blue Larkspur and
 California Poppies

Springtime Oak

Clayton Ranch

Briones Creek Watershed

Morning Fog

California Red-legged Frog

California Buckeye

California Buckeye Grove

Mariposa Lily

Alameda Whipsnake


Young Raccoon

Mt. Diablo Tarantula

Mt. Diablo from
Black Diamond Mines
 Regional Preserve

California Bay in Bloom

Mt. Diablo in the Clouds

Diablo Trail Hikers

Diablo Trail

Diablo Sunflower

Diablo Manzanita

Vasco Caves

Larkspur and

Western Bluebird


Barbecue Terrace Sunset

Bumblebee Moth

Riggs Canyon

Joseph Galvin Ranch

Mount Diablo's Eastern Side

Western Whiptail

Morgan Creek Fritillary (Checker Lily)

Bitter Root

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